• Run Away

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    Out of all six of my boys I have only had one that has ever wanted to run away. However, he never made it far. I’d find him and his backpack in the garage, on the side of the house or eventually he’d just come back home. This same child would also tell me that he wanted to live with me forever and as he has gotten older he talks about the day he will move out.

    Being a parent is seriously one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs ever. I recently was reading a book I just happened to pick up. I don’t even know the name of the book or who the author is but I happened to come across the above paragraph that I had to snap a picture of with my phone.

    I guess the paragraph really hit me as that is how I want my boys to always feel about me and about home. Maybe not to that extend where they are getting homesick at school, but I just want them to always want to run away from the world to our home, that they know I will always be here and that this is a safe place for them.

  • Chalk Art Tips!

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    Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 10.57.44 PMI had no idea creating these darling chalkboards was so easy. I have horrible handwriting and even I could do it. I love the idea of spraying the board with a matte spray so the chalk doesn’t come off! That is just brilliant. If the video doesn’t come up, watch it here.

  • Top 5 places to eat/shop in St. George

    One of my favorite places to visit in this beautiful state that we live in is St. George. In fact, if I could move there I would. It’s always warm, the houses are beautiful and there is so much to do.

    A couple of weeks ago I headed south to the St. George Parade of Homes. It has been a tradition for about 10 years and is something I look forward to every February.

    Part of that tradition is going to eat at our favorite places and shopping at our favorite stores. If these places ever went out of business Cyd and I would be so sad!

    Here is the list — if you are in town be sure to stop by and support these places:

    1. Tiki Island Broiler – 144 W Brigham Rd. Ste. 14
    2. Ichiban Sushi & Seafood Buffet – 969 N 3050 E
    3. The D.I in St. George has such a fun collection of treasures.
    4. This T.J. Maxx has the BEST clothes, shoes, furniture and more.
    5.  Last but not least, Fabulous Freddies. Yes I’m talking about a gas station. This gas station has styrofoam cups and yummy pebble ice.

    Where is your favorite place to eat/shop in Southern Utah?

  • Tiny Homes

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    The tiny home trend is on the rise throughout the country. It’s crazy to me that you can get everything you need in under 200 square feet. I’ve been out at Maximus Extreme Living Solutions in West Haven doing commercials, video and a story for Wasatch View magazine’s April edition.  It’s been a great experience.

    They have been featured on HGTV and FYI Network and will be at the Standard-Examiner Spring Home and Garden show this weekend. So if you’ve ever wanted to see inside a tiny home, now is your chance to check one out.

    Watch the tour here.

  • Kitchen Inspiration

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    I’ve been dreaming about my new kitchen and been spending way too much time on Pinterest.

    If we get the home we want, the one built in the 80’s, we will completely remodel the kitchen. The kitchen nook is a little awkward so I’ve been looking at different ideas to make it flow.

    I absolutely love this option from buzzbuzzhome.com. f07a7bca49a5b719b4d46d8e96de41a0

    This option from diyyourcrafts.com is my absolute favorite. It fits my style perfectly. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Just not sure how well it would hold up with a house full of boys!

    Screen shot 2016-02-17 at 7.49.00 PM Screen shot 2016-02-17 at 7.48.53 PM

  • Celebrating LOVE everyday

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    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    It’s cold and snowy and half of my family is in sunny St. George for baseball.

    Our first Valentine’s together Mac said to me, “Why do we need a day to celebrate love, we should celebrate love everyday!”

    19 1/4 years later and we’re still celebrating LOVE everyday! So tomorrow when today is over, remember to keep celebrating the ones you LOVE <3


    fam pic snow bw


  • Gorgeous Wood Flowers

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    Have you seen thesIMG_2057e gorgeous wood flowers on social media and Pinterest? They are absolutely gorgeous and have a timeless look to them. They are made right here is Ogden, yet they sell them throughout the country. I stopped by Eco Flower to last week to do a story for Wasatch View. You can watch all of this week’s show here.

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  • Party Slush

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    Here’s the thing, this is the best slush ever and it is perfect for every occasion. The problem is I can never find the recipe for it. The recipe comes from my friend Cyd. Last time she gave it to me I told her I would write it down. Her response, “ya right.” So I’m not only writing it down, I’m also putting it here and on Pinterest.

    Here is the original recipe for Marla’s Slush. I like original recipes, but hopefully you can read it. One change I make is I add frozen raspberries instead of the fruit mentioned.


  • Superbowl Party Ideas

    It’s really bad when I start laughing so hard I can’t stop! That’s what happened in this week’s show when Joan and I try to do a football quiz. I should know this stuff! I mean I do have SIX boys who love football! Oh well, at least I can plan a party and make the game fun for them. If the video doesn’t come up, watch it here.

  • Chick-fil-A’s new side item

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    IMG_1982Chick-fil-a’s new Superfood Side Salad is so delicious!  I had a sample of it last weekend at the Spring Bridal Gathering so when I took the kids there today for lunch I had to add it to my order — along with the must have nuggets, lemonade and I stole a couple of fries from the kids.

    So, I guess it is pretty healthy. It has Chopped Broccolini® which I had never heard of. It’s like broccoli but a little softer and lighter — so good, and a yummy kale blend. The best part  though was the dried sour cherries and roasted nut blend. I normally don’t like dressing on my salad but the sweet and tangy maple vinaigrette dressing actually made this the perfect side to an already great meal.


    Next time you are at Chick-fil-A try it out! Just writing about it makes me want to go back for more.