Chinese Chicken Salad


I’m not much of a cook, but there are a few things I make that friends and family request I bring to get togethers, including this salad recipe. It’s one of the best and I have been making it for years.

Chinese Chicken Salad


1 head of green cabbage

1 head of purple cabbage

1 can of cashews

Worcester sauce

3-4 chicken breasts

Wonton strips

Litehouse sesame ginger salad dressing

Sesame seeds

Step 1:

Marinate chicken in worcester sauce for about an hour. Bake in oven at 375 degrees for about an hour. Remove from over and shred into larger pieces ones cooled.

Step 2:

Chop up cabbage and put into bowl.

Step 3:

Pour cashews into small sauce pan. Cover with worcester sauce and simmer on low for about 20 minutes. Let cool.

Step 4:

Add chicken and cashews to cabbage. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Step 5:

I do not add the salad dressing or wontons to the salad directly. It gets soggy too fast. I add both to the individual servings. That way if there are leftovers it doesn’t get soggy.


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How to make a hanging gutter planter

I stopped by the free Do-it-HERself workshop at Home Depot last week, they were showing how to make a hanging gutter planter. The workshops are free, you just have to purchase the materials if you want to build one yourself. This one cost around $40.

{photo and instructions: Home Depot}


Here are the instructions and there is video below:


1-10 ft. White traditional vinyl gutter

3 sets – White vinyl K-style end cap set (2-pack)

20 – 1/4 in x 1 ft. White braided nylon and polyester rope.

1 pk – 1/4 in. x 2 in. Zinc plated rope S hook

2 – 3 3/4 in. Steel screw-in plant hook

Spray paint

Step 1: Measure and mark (3) 30″ sections from the gutter and the 10 ft sections from the rope.

Step 2: Cut (3) 30 in. from the gutter using a jigsaw. Then cut (2) 10 ft sections of the rope with heavy duty scissors.

Step 3: Spray paint the gutter. (optional)

Step 4: Turn all gutters upside down. Measure and mark 3 in. from the short side and 1/2 in. from the long side on all 4 corners of all 3 gutter sections.

Turn all gutters right side up. Measure and mark 3 in. in from the short side and 1/2 in. from the long side on all 4 corners of all 3 gutter sections.

Step 5: Using a 3/8 in. drill bit and drill, drill holes where the marks were made. Add tiny holes on the bottom to allow for drainage.

Step 6: Tie a knot at one end of the rope. Thread the unknotted end of the rope through one of the holes in the bottom of the left gutter section and out the hole on the side. Repeat on the other 2 gutter sections.

Step 7: Place all end caps on the ends of the gutter sections.

Step 8: Secure plant hooks into a beam or support where you intend to hang your garden. Loop the 2 S hooks on each side of the top ropes and hook the S hooks to the installed plant hooks.


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The Blossoms have Bloomed at the Capitol

Oh my heck! If you are in SLC this week be sure to take along your camera and stop by the Capitol. The trees there have blossomed and they are gorgeous. I was there this past weekend doing senior pictures and was so mad I didn’t take my entire family down for a quick photo shoot. I’m hoping we can make it down there this weekend and that the blossoms will still be there.

A couple things: we went down on Sunday afternoon right after conference and it was so busy. Everyone was trying to take pictures. We noticed the west side was a lot less crowded then the east side. The building is open seven days a week so maybe go inside and take a little tour, it’s pretty cool inside there. Also, just a little photo tip, we were in the only shady spot and my photos were turning out a little dark so I put my external flash on and it made a huge difference.

Here is one photo of Karlee that I took on the east side:


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Pork Chops & Noodles

This recipe has been in the family for as long as I can remember. My grandpa used to make it for me when I was little, however he would use Ramen and I just can’t get myself to eat Ramen. My mom used to make it all the time too and we loved it, even the friends did. She would use some Chinese egg noodle that I can’t ever find, so I just use angel hair pasta. A few years ago an old friend messaged me on Facebook (I hadn’t seen her in years) and she wanted my mom’s pork chop and noodle recipe. I said only in exchange for her mom’s cinnamon roll recipe (which was a good trade by the way). All of my kids LOVE it and beg for me to make it– well except for the one really picky one.


The recipe is quick, simple and easy to prepare:

Thin pork chops (1-2 per person. You can use thicker pork chops but I think the thin is much better)


1 package angel hair pasta

2 cans Campbell’s Consomme (found by the soup)

Green onions (optional, but make it so yummy)

Place pork chops in a pan on the stove top. Sprinkle with Season-All. Cook till done.

Cook pasta as instructed on package.

Warm Consomme as instructed on package.

When all is done, put pasta in a bowl.

Cut up pork chops and slice onion.

Add Consomme, pork chops and onion to bowl with noodles in it. Enjoy!

This amount will serve 6-8 people, including 5 really hungry boys.

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Prom Pictures

Ty went to his first Prom on Saturday. It was a day full of fun. They woke up early and went to breakfast at Jeremiah’s then headed up to Park City to the outlets then to Midway to the Homestead Crater.  I was so worried about them driving all the way to Park City that I couldn’t sleep at all the night before. But they were fine just like he said they would be Dinner was Tokyo Station and the dance was at Weber State.

Ty had asked me to take their group pictures, instead of them having them taken at the dance. My niece also asked me if I could do her group too. I have done two groups before and have said I would nevIMG_7002er do it again but I couldn’t tell my cute niece “no”. Actually though the pictures went great. The first group was on time and the second group was running late so I had plenty of time to get from one location to the next.
Prom PicturesThe photos were taken behind the Best Western High Country Inn on 12t Street in Ogden and Ogden Eccles Community Art Center. I called both places in advance to get permission. Sometimes they have events so it’s always good to call and check first.

Here are a few of my favorites.


‘ Prom Pictures 1     Prom pictures 5Prom Pics6 Prom pics 7

Prom Pictures3IMG_6835

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Metal bar stools at Smith’s Marketplace

stoolsDo you love my little photo bomber that kept jumping into my shot? He was obviously dressed by an older brother in a too big Thunder jersey and he wanted the world to see it. Haha! Maybe his cuteness will make up for the blurry Iphone pic!

So behind the photo bomber are metal bar stools for $24.99! I bought six reds one last year at Smith’s Marketplace in North Ogden and I love them. They are back in stock as part of their summer supply.  I’ve seen them other places for double or three times this price. So if you are looking for some great bar stools snag these up before they are gone, and believe me they are going to go fast.

They are out front between the two entrances. They come in purple, red, baby blue, silver (gone), black (one left) and royal blue. And… Smith’s will deliver them locally on Fridays if they won’t fit in your car!

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Run Away


Out of all six of my boys I have only had one that has ever wanted to run away. However, he never made it far. I’d find him and his backpack in the garage, on the side of the house or eventually he’d just come back home. This same child would also tell me that he wanted to live with me forever and as he has gotten older he talks about the day he will move out.

Being a parent is seriously one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs ever. I recently was reading a book I just happened to pick up. I don’t even know the name of the book or who the author is but I happened to come across the above paragraph that I had to snap a picture of with my phone.

I guess the paragraph really hit me as that is how I want my boys to always feel about me and about home. Maybe not to that extend where they are getting homesick at school, but I just want them to always want to run away from the world to our home, that they know I will always be here and that this is a safe place for them.

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Chalk Art Tips!

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 10.57.44 PMI had no idea creating these darling chalkboards was so easy. I have horrible handwriting and even I could do it. I love the idea of spraying the board with a matte spray so the chalk doesn’t come off! That is just brilliant. If the video doesn’t come up, watch it here.

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Top 5 places to eat/shop in St. George

One of my favorite places to visit in this beautiful state that we live in is St. George. In fact, if I could move there I would. It’s always warm, the houses are beautiful and there is so much to do.

A couple of weeks ago I headed south to the St. George Parade of Homes. It has been a tradition for about 10 years and is something I look forward to every February.

Part of that tradition is going to eat at our favorite places and shopping at our favorite stores. If these places ever went out of business Cyd and I would be so sad!

Here is the list — if you are in town be sure to stop by and support these places:

  1. Tiki Island Broiler – 144 W Brigham Rd. Ste. 14
  2. Ichiban Sushi & Seafood Buffet – 969 N 3050 E
  3. The D.I in St. George has such a fun collection of treasures.
  4. This T.J. Maxx has the BEST clothes, shoes, furniture and more.
  5.  Last but not least, Fabulous Freddies. Yes I’m talking about a gas station. This gas station has styrofoam cups and yummy pebble ice.

Where is your favorite place to eat/shop in Southern Utah?

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Tiny Homes

YouTube Preview Image

The tiny home trend is on the rise throughout the country. It’s crazy to me that you can get everything you need in under 200 square feet. I’ve been out at Maximus Extreme Living Solutions in West Haven doing commercials, video and a story for Wasatch View magazine’s April edition.  It’s been a great experience.

They have been featured on HGTV and FYI Network and will be at the Standard-Examiner Spring Home and Garden show this weekend. So if you’ve ever wanted to see inside a tiny home, now is your chance to check one out.

Watch the tour here.

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