Fall Fashion

It’s so weird to me that every single item of clothing I wore in high school is now back in style. Glad I saved two things — a denim Calvin Klein jean jacket and a pair of Doc Martens. I’ve been wearing the jean jacket forever, in fact it is now full of holes, but I haven’t dared put on the shoes. The funny thing is, about 15 years ago I got a sharpie and crossed out the Calvin Klein logo. Now I want it back – haha! Esprit, Guess, Tommy Hillfiger, etc. all have a nostalgia feel to them that when I see the logo takes me back to another lifetime.

I really need some need fall clothes — jeans, sweaters, boots, etc. I need it all or I guess I should say I want it all. So spending some time on Amazon I picked out a few tops that I like and some of the prices are like way cheap. I wonder if they are too good to be true? I guess I will find out.

  1. Open front knit cardigan. I have one similar to this in navy and it’s my favorite! I could wear these everyday. I love the pockets and the long length. It comes in seven different colors and for this price I want them all.

2. Ruffle Tee. So this is a penny with $9.99 shipping. What?

3. Open sleeve blouse. I’ve been looking for a shirt like this, but I need the shoulders covered so this one looks perfect. The thing is it only costs .78 — how weird is that? It says it’s from China so maybe that’s why.

Homecoming Photo Shoot

Sometimes I have really big plans to do something really great and it ends up not going as planned, but still pretty good. This was the case with this year’s homecoming pictures. This was such a fun group, probs because it’s my son Nic and his friends. They were hilarious since none of them have their drivers license or have been on a date before (sorry girls). They showed up for pictures at 6:25 and their dinner reservation was for 6:30. So instead of the 30-45 minutes shoot I was planning on we got it done in 10-15 minutes.

We did the shoot in downtown Ogden, just off of 25th Street. The textured brick wall was the perfect spot for the look I was going for. Their dinner reservations were at the Union Grill which is located in the same parking lot so it worked out well.

Insalata Grande

The title sounds so fancy!

Lately salads have been my top choice for meals. Maybe it’s because of my get fit and healthy quest for 2017. I don’t know? You’d think with the weather we’ve been having I’d be going for comfort foods like soups and pot pies and meat and potatoes.

There is a little pizza shop in Farmington called Settebello. It’s special to me. It’s one of my favorite restaurants and it’s where I meet my 2 besties for lunch 2-3 times a month. We’ve been going there since they opened and before that we would go to the one in Salt Lake.  Shauna introduced us to it on our way back from one of her cancer treatments. We got it to go and went back to her house and ate it and talked and laugh. So maybe why it’s our go to spot. All I can say is I’ve gotten take out from there before and it’s not nearly as good as it is when us friends are all together there.

Anyway, my point for this post is to talk about the salad I get with my pizza. It’s called Insalata Grande and it is delicious. Normally I don’t venture out and try new things but when they added this to the lunch menu I decided to try it — good choice. So the other night the salad sounded so good, but since it’s a good 30 minutes away and we have been pretty much snowed in I decided to recreate the salad on my own and it was so good I’d thought I’d share the recipe… and put it here because I know it won’t get lost – haha!

Here is how I made it…

I got the mixed greens from the salad bar at Smith’s Marketplace because for some reason the lettuce in the bag looked brown and old. Which this actually was a good idea because I knew I’d be the only one eating it so I got plenty of greens just for me for $1.00 and didn’t have to worry about the rest of a bag going to waste.

Next, I went to the olive bar there at Smith’s and got a half a pound of the grilled artichoke hearts and kalamata olives. They had marinated artichoke hearts that tasted like they’d been pickled and olives with pits in them so make sure you get them without.

Lastly, I got a tiny bit of pine nuts from the healthy food section. Pine nuts are $19.99 a pound! So I just got what I needed which cost around .75. The pine nuts are the icing on the cake and so good.

And that’s it! I forgot the tomato but it was fine and flavorful without it. At the restaurant they add shaved parmigiano reggiano and balsamic vinaigrette, I leave those off. They do have a delicious spicy olive oil that I love to add to the salad and my pizza.

Another good salad that you can buy from the deli section at Smith’s is the superfood salad. It is so good! It has kale, sunflower seeds, craisins, blueberries, edamame and so much more. Next time you’re there ask them for a sample.

DIY Valentine’s Day Shirt

You’ve probably seen all the darling Valentine’s shirts online and in local boutiques, but they can be pretty pricey. So Joan and I did a little DIY for Wasatch View (video below) and then later on I made another one to put on here. They were so fun and easy to make. You can do them for yourself or the kids with different words or shapes.

XOXO Sweatshirt

I got this grey sweatshirt from WalMart in the men’s department for $6.

I got this white glittery iron-on transfer sheet from Michaels. It was on clearance for $2. If it’s not on clearance you can always use the 40% off coupons that are online.

So I just printed out the X and O on regular copy paper and then traced it onto the transfer paper. Next I cut the letters out of the transfer paper and put them where I wanted them on the sweatshirt. Next I got an old thin t-shirt to put over the letters, then I ironed over it with the iron on high.

And that’s it! It was that easy and the entire project cost me $8. You can’t tell but the letters have a little sparkle too them. You could use plain transfer paper or the glitter kind also comes in other colors.

I had some left over transfer paper so I decided to add a little heart to a shirt I’ve had in my closet for years. I think I’m ready for Valentine’s Day! Be sure to watch the video below for more ideas.

YouTube Preview Image

I got a fish pedicure!

YouTube Preview Image

My job at the Standard-Examiner has taken me on some crazy, but fun adventures and this is one of them – a fish pedicure! So a few people have been asking me questions after seeing the video so I thought I’d answer them here.

  1. Will you do it again? Heck ya! My dry winter feet were nice and smooth after.
  2. Was it really that scary? Ummm… no! Okay I admit that I was a little dramatic but I’ll also admit I was a little creeped out at first. It’s just a weird feeling when you first put your feet into the water.
  3. Is it safe? Yes, the water is filtered and recycled constantly.
  4. Would you let your kids do it? Yes, of course as long as they didn’t try to reach in and grab the fish – haha!

So that’s about it. You can get this done at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium at the Layton Hills Mall for under $15. So go try it out!

Get in Shape Girl!

It’s a new year and with that comes the long list of resolutions, goals, etc. One thing that is always on my list is being more healthy and getting in shape. Which should be pretty easy on my end since I’ve pretty much hit rock bottom on both of those, so going up is my only option. Haha I’m kidding. Well kinda. I’ve gotten into this bad, bad habit of having to have a Coke first thing in the morning, then another in the afternoon and I shouldn’t admit that sometimes I have another at bedtime. Yikes! So, I’m going to take baby steps and not get rid of it completely but try and just have one a day.

Now, the working out part. I use to be really, really good about going to the gym every single day. I don’t even have a gym membership anymore. But that’s on my list. I’m going to join a gym. I’ve had a membership at Lady Fitness which was alright. It was at their old location and I hear the new one is much. much better. I’ve been to Gold’s at the Junction which I loved. And my favorite was the Ogden Athletic Club. I loved it because all of my kids could find something to do there, so I wasn’t leaving them home or sticking them in a daycare. It was the perfect match for my family. So what’s the problem? It was so far away to drive every night. Why can’t we have something like that here in North Ogden? There are a couple new gyms that I want to try out. But in the meantime I guess I will continue doing the workouts off of YouTube, which I guess are better than nothing. And in case you need a new workout and are stuck like I am, my two favorite YouTube workout channels are Blogilates and Popsugar Fitness.



Winter Sunsets

The weather here in Utah has been so cold, but the beauty that surrounds it completely makes up for it. When we sold our house and moved off of the hill for a year I missed the sunsets so much. I couldn’t believe that was the one thing I missed and longed to see. When deciding on where we would build or buy our next house one of the biggest factors was the view to the west where I could see the sunset. I think I hit the jackpot with this view! And the view we’ve experienced every night since living here has just been incredible. I’ve always told Mac that I could live in a house of all windows just so I could always look at the gorgeous state that we live in.

This photo was taken from my deck on Christmas Day. It had been snowing and cloudy and right around 4:30 in the afternoon the clouds broke and the sun made its appearance. The trees were freshly covered with snow and this sight just completed my Christmas Day. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always such a fun day spent with the family. The boys woke up and went over to the church to play some basketball while I stayed home and got everything ready for the day of baking. We made sugar cookies, chex mix, muddy buddies, pretzel rolos, oreo balls and fudge. The sad thing was that it was disappearing faster than we were making it. We had a house full of boys with hungry tummys.

The most popular treat was the pretzel rolos. They are so yummy and simple to eat. You just get a bag of square pretzels, oreos and m&m’s. Put the pretzels on a cookies sheet and add a rolo on top of the pretzel. Put in the oven at 250 degrees for about 3 minutes. Take out of oven and push a m&m into the rolo, or just add another pretzel to the top.

After the baking was done we all opened our traditional Christmas jammies from Grandma Taryn. Us girls had a fun little photo shoot in our pj’s, then we headed up to Perry to get lunch from the Maddox take-out cabin.

Baby Titan wanted to be part of the photo shoot too. Isn’t he the cutest? He loved the Christmas lights.

When bedtime came around the kids were so excited they could barely even standard it, but lucky for us parents they went to bed at a reasonable time. Cam and Cy are at such a fun stage for Christmas. They left Santa a note and some cookies and milk.



Gosh! I just spent the last hour on my old blog. The blog I started way back when, that I haven’t updated or visited since 2012. It made me sad. I use to take so many pictures and document everything. I’m not sure why I stopped, but I sure wish that I hadn’t. I think maybe because of Instagram, which I love I just don’t feel like it is the same looking back.

The picture below is the main pic on my old blog. All of my boys are looking at the camera and smiling. This was 2013. They are all so cute and little!

So, with the holidays here and a new year just around the corner, I’m making it a goal to start documenting the daily adventures that happen in this crazy house of mine. I just can’t believe how much has changed in four years. It was fun to relive it and read the funny and sad stories.

Here is the link to my old blog if you want to check it out: http://theerickson8.blogspot.com/

And come back here tomorrow for a look at how our Christmas Eve was spent.