I got a fish pedicure!

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My job at the Standard-Examiner has taken me on some crazy, but fun adventures and this is one of them – a fish pedicure! So a few people have been asking me questions after seeing the video so I thought I’d answer them here.

  1. Will you do it again? Heck ya! My dry winter feet were nice and smooth after.
  2. Was it really that scary? Ummm… no! Okay I admit that I was a little dramatic but I’ll also admit I was a little creeped out at first. It’s just a weird feeling when you first put your feet into the water.
  3. Is it safe? Yes, the water is filtered and recycled constantly.
  4. Would you let your kids do it? Yes, of course as long as they didn’t try to reach in and grab the fish – haha!

So that’s about it. You can get this done at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium at the Layton Hills Mall for under $15. So go try it out!

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Do what you love…

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

In June of last year, Joan Dunn and I started Northern Living, a lifestyle show that airs every Monday on standard.net and on our ROKU channel. It is seriously so much fun. We feature all the amazing things happening in Northern Utah and have met some incredible people along the way. We are looking forward to 2016 when we will also start writing and doing video for Wasatch View magazine. You can watch this week’s show here: Northern Living January 11, 2016.  Northern Living tries out Jazzercise

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