Homecoming Photo Shoot

Sometimes I have really big plans to do something really great and it ends up not going as planned, but still pretty good. This was the case with this year’s homecoming pictures. This was such a fun group, probs because it’s my son Nic and his friends. They were hilarious since none of them have their drivers license or have been on a date before (sorry girls). They showed up for pictures at 6:25 and their dinner reservation was for 6:30. So instead of the 30-45 minutes shoot I was planning on we got it done in 10-15 minutes.

We did the shoot in downtown Ogden, just off of 25th Street. The textured brick wall was the perfect spot for the look I was going for. Their dinner reservations were at the Union Grill which is located in the same parking lot so it worked out well.

The Blossoms have Bloomed at the Capitol

Oh my heck! If you are in SLC this week be sure to take along your camera and stop by the Capitol. The trees there have blossomed and they are gorgeous. I was there this past weekend doing senior pictures and was so mad I didn’t take my entire family down for a quick photo shoot. I’m hoping we can make it down there this weekend and that the blossoms will still be there.

A couple things: we went down on Sunday afternoon right after conference and it was so busy. Everyone was trying to take pictures. We noticed the west side was a lot less crowded then the east side. The building is open seven days a week so maybe go inside and take a little tour, it’s pretty cool inside there. Also, just a little photo tip, we were in the only shady spot and my photos were turning out a little dark so I put my external flash on and it made a huge difference.

Here is one photo of Karlee that I took on the east side:


Prom Pictures

Ty went to his first Prom on Saturday. It was a day full of fun. They woke up early and went to breakfast at Jeremiah’s then headed up to Park City to the outlets then to Midway to the Homestead Crater.  I was so worried about them driving all the way to Park City that I couldn’t sleep at all the night before. But they were fine just like he said they would be Dinner was Tokyo Station and the dance was at Weber State.

Ty had asked me to take their group pictures, instead of them having them taken at the dance. My niece also asked me if I could do her group too. I have done two groups before and have said I would nevIMG_7002er do it again but I couldn’t tell my cute niece “no”. Actually though the pictures went great. The first group was on time and the second group was running late so I had plenty of time to get from one location to the next.
Prom PicturesThe photos were taken behind the Best Western High Country Inn on 12t Street in Ogden and Ogden Eccles Community Art Center. I called both places in advance to get permission. Sometimes they have events so it’s always good to call and check first.

Here are a few of my favorites.


‘ Prom Pictures 1     Prom pictures 5Prom Pics6 Prom pics 7

Prom Pictures3IMG_6835

Planning your 2016 family pictures

We have had a really cold winter this year in Utah. The month of December was FREEZING! I did quite a few “last minute” family photo sessions in these freezing temps and even snow because families had realized how fast the year had gone by and now they needed a family picture for their Christmas card (me included).

This is my family photo taken two weeks before Christmas on a freezing cold, snowy day. The kids were done after 5 minutes and this is the only family shot we got.

fam pic snow bw

Now, unless you love the cold and snowy winter pics, it really isn’t the best time to schedule your family photos.


  • The kids are freezing and last about 10 minutes.
  • Cheeks are rosy red.
  • You aren’t as relaxed because you’re trying to stay warm.
  • You have to be bundled up.
  • Everything is wet and muddy.

So, my suggestion would be to take an hour or so in the next month and plan your 2016 family pictures.  As your organizing and planning out the new year, set aside a date for family pictures. Schedule with a photographer and get the confirmed date on your calendar.

Maybe you want pictures in the spring, when the orchards are in bloom. Spring is such a pretty time, but comes and goes really quick. If you want spring pictures start thinking now — outfits, date, photographer, etc.IMG_1514

How about in the summer when everything is green, the flowers are in bloom and it is warm outside. There are so many options in the summer.

My favorite are fall photos. Such a pretty time of year and the colors make such a beautiful backdrop for any photo.IMG_2762



Another benefit of getting your pictures done before winter is you can also score some great deals on Christmas cards and have them done and sent out right after Thanksgiving.