Get in Shape Girl!

It’s a new year and with that comes the long list of resolutions, goals, etc. One thing that is always on my list is being more healthy and getting in shape. Which should be pretty easy on my end since I’ve pretty much hit rock bottom on both of those, so going up is my only option. Haha I’m kidding. Well kinda. I’ve gotten into this bad, bad habit of having to have a Coke first thing in the morning, then another in the afternoon and I shouldn’t admit that sometimes I have another at bedtime. Yikes! So, I’m going to take baby steps and not get rid of it completely but try and just have one a day.

Now, the working out part. I use to be really, really good about going to the gym every single day. I don’t even have a gym membership anymore. But that’s on my list. I’m going to join a gym. I’ve had a membership at Lady Fitness which was alright. It was at their old location and I hear the new one is much. much better. I’ve been to Gold’s at the Junction which I loved. And my favorite was the Ogden Athletic Club. I loved it because all of my kids could find something to do there, so I wasn’t leaving them home or sticking them in a daycare. It was the perfect match for my family. So what’s the problem? It was so far away to drive every night. Why can’t we have something like that here in North Ogden? There are a couple new gyms that I want to try out. But in the meantime I guess I will continue doing the workouts off of YouTube, which I guess are better than nothing. And in case you need a new workout and are stuck like I am, my two favorite YouTube workout channels are Blogilates and Popsugar Fitness.



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Winter Sunsets

The weather here in Utah has been so cold, but the beauty that surrounds it completely makes up for it. When we sold our house and moved off of the hill for a year I missed the sunsets so much. I couldn’t believe that was the one thing I missed and longed to see. When deciding on where we would build or buy our next house one of the biggest factors was the view to the west where I could see the sunset. I think I hit the jackpot with this view! And the view we’ve experienced every night since living here has just been incredible. I’ve always told Mac that I could live in a house of all windows just so I could always look at the gorgeous state that we live in.

This photo was taken from my deck on Christmas Day. It had been snowing and cloudy and right around 4:30 in the afternoon the clouds broke and the sun made its appearance. The trees were freshly covered with snow and this sight just completed my Christmas Day. Isn’t it gorgeous?


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Our New Home

I have always had a love for houses for as long as I can remember.

When I first got my driver’s license I would drive around just to look at houses and yes I still do that.

When we were first married we lived in an older Ogden neighborhood and I would walk around just to look at the houses. Sometimes I would go right when it was getting dark so the lights would be on and the blinds would be open and I could get a sneak peep of the interior. Don’t worry I wasn’t checking out the people, just the home.

I always wanted to buy one of those gorgeous mansions on Jefferson Avenue and remodel it, yet I knew that would never happen.

When we had our house up for sale I was visiting a lady who lives at one of my favorite houses in North Ogden. I told her if she ever wants to sell her home to let me know.

Fast forward a few months. We got an offer on our house and the next day that lady told me they wanted to sell there house. This was totally meant to be, right? Well, not really.

She took me through the home. I absolutely loved the character, the exterior, the yard and the plan. It’s what I always wanted. The plan was perfect for us. The problem was the home needed some updating, however it was in immaculate condition. At the time the price of the home and the cost for the remodel was more than we were willing to spend so we went back to the original plan of building.

Long story short every time we did something that had to do with building this home kept popping up in my mind. It just felt like it’s where we needed to be. So finally in November 2015 we submitted a really low offer — so low we were worried they would never speak to us again. They said NO! And we waited and waited somehow knowing that everything would work out yet wondered why if something is meant to be why is it so hard to make it happen.

Finally about 4 months later we got a call from their realtor telling us they were willing to go down on the price. We were so excited! Two months later we closed on the house and have been here for a month.

We absolutely love it. We have a lot of work ahead of us and once we get the remodel done we will love it even more.

I will be posting some before and after pictures on the blog because Mac and I seem to think we are Chip and JoJo – haha!



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Flowers Everywhere

One thing that I absolutely love about our new house is the landscaping. It is gorgeous! The previous owners knew what they were doing when they did this yard. Every week a new flower pops up. I would never do rose bushes but I now have five of them and love them. They are in the perfect spot and barely starting to bloom. I just wish the flowers would stay in bloom forever.

Here’s a look at what’s blooming this week.

IMG_4101 IMG_4105 IMG_4104 IMG_4103 IMG_4109 IMG_4106 IMG_4108

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How to make a hanging gutter planter

I stopped by the free Do-it-HERself workshop at Home Depot last week, they were showing how to make a hanging gutter planter. The workshops are free, you just have to purchase the materials if you want to build one yourself. This one cost around $40.

{photo and instructions: Home Depot}


Here are the instructions and there is video below:


1-10 ft. White traditional vinyl gutter

3 sets – White vinyl K-style end cap set (2-pack)

20 – 1/4 in x 1 ft. White braided nylon and polyester rope.

1 pk – 1/4 in. x 2 in. Zinc plated rope S hook

2 – 3 3/4 in. Steel screw-in plant hook

Spray paint

Step 1: Measure and mark (3) 30″ sections from the gutter and the 10 ft sections from the rope.

Step 2: Cut (3) 30 in. from the gutter using a jigsaw. Then cut (2) 10 ft sections of the rope with heavy duty scissors.

Step 3: Spray paint the gutter. (optional)

Step 4: Turn all gutters upside down. Measure and mark 3 in. from the short side and 1/2 in. from the long side on all 4 corners of all 3 gutter sections.

Turn all gutters right side up. Measure and mark 3 in. in from the short side and 1/2 in. from the long side on all 4 corners of all 3 gutter sections.

Step 5: Using a 3/8 in. drill bit and drill, drill holes where the marks were made. Add tiny holes on the bottom to allow for drainage.

Step 6: Tie a knot at one end of the rope. Thread the unknotted end of the rope through one of the holes in the bottom of the left gutter section and out the hole on the side. Repeat on the other 2 gutter sections.

Step 7: Place all end caps on the ends of the gutter sections.

Step 8: Secure plant hooks into a beam or support where you intend to hang your garden. Loop the 2 S hooks on each side of the top ropes and hook the S hooks to the installed plant hooks.


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Metal bar stools at Smith’s Marketplace

stoolsDo you love my little photo bomber that kept jumping into my shot? He was obviously dressed by an older brother in a too big Thunder jersey and he wanted the world to see it. Haha! Maybe his cuteness will make up for the blurry Iphone pic!

So behind the photo bomber are metal bar stools for $24.99! I bought six reds one last year at Smith’s Marketplace in North Ogden and I love them. They are back in stock as part of their summer supply.  I’ve seen them other places for double or three times this price. So if you are looking for some great bar stools snag these up before they are gone, and believe me they are going to go fast.

They are out front between the two entrances. They come in purple, red, baby blue, silver (gone), black (one left) and royal blue. And… Smith’s will deliver them locally on Fridays if they won’t fit in your car!

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Chalk Art Tips!

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 10.57.44 PMI had no idea creating these darling chalkboards was so easy. I have horrible handwriting and even I could do it. I love the idea of spraying the board with a matte spray so the chalk doesn’t come off! That is just brilliant. If the video doesn’t come up, watch it here.

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Saving $$ in 2016

I’ve never really been a couponer. I’ve tried, believe me I’ve tried but it always seems like so much work, clutter and I end up at the grocery store frustrated and just want to get out of there — $150 later! This week on Northern Living (which name is changing next week to Wasatch View) we interviewed Jenny Layton with The Happy Gal blog. She talked about meal planning and how you need to take a day a week, make an appointment with yourself and sit down and do it. I was inspired. I am horrible at doing this and won’t even admit to the amount of money we spend eating out because of my lack of planning.

{This is Joan with Jenny — I was video girl}

Then this week we drove up to the darling town of Brigham to talk with Utah Deal Diva about saving money at the grocery store. {She will have all her tips on next week show or check out her blog.} Now I am REALLY inspired. We spent the morning at her house interviewing her. Once a week she goes out and finds the best deals then posts them on her website for all of us to benefit from. Yesterday I followed her around Smiths and learned so much. She has so many tips and ideas and it is so exciting when you can find those deals that you can get for free or actually make money off of. Even just getting pasta for .49 or cereal for $1.00 was a thrill. It was so much fun. I now see how couponing can be addicting because it is so exciting — who knows maybe you’ll see me on Extreme Couponing in the future — haha just kidding.

Today I am planning my meals around what is on sale and I’m so excited to do it! Lee’s Marketplace has chicken on sale for $1.49 a pound – today only! So I’m heading there. Now the key will be to just buy the chicken and not a zillion other things (I know I can’t get out of there without a donut). Wish me luck! I need it!

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St. George Parade of Homes

It’s almost here! In exactly one month I will be heading south to one of my most favorite events — the St. George Parade of Homes. Just yesterday they posted the link to all the homes on their Facebook page.  Time to start planning and mapping out our route. You can see them all here.  I am excited to see all of them, but there are two that I am really excited to see because they are kind of the look I am going for with my new home and K. Welch builder always does a fantastic job.


Screen shot 2016-01-20 at 8.07.10 AM Screen shot 2016-01-20 at 8.07.22 AM

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Pork Carnitas

I have to admit I am not very good in the kitchen, so when I make something that everyone loves I have to document it. The pork carnitas were so easy to make and EVERYONE at them.


1 boneless pork roast

1 1/2 cup water

2 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

3 tsp. ground cumin

1 sliced onion

1 lime

1 orange

Preheat oven to 300. Put the roast in a baking dish. Combine all other ingredients on the stove and bring to boil. Squeeze in lime juice and orange juice. Save orange halves. Pour over roast and cook in oven for 2.5-3 hours till falls apart.

Remove from oven and shred. Pour the leftover juice liquid mixture over the shredded meat for extra flavor.

Serve on tortillas.

FullSizeRender (1)

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