Fall Fashion

It’s so weird to me that every single item of clothing I wore in high school is now back in style. Glad I saved two things — a denim Calvin Klein jean jacket and a pair of Doc Martens. I’ve been wearing the jean jacket forever, in fact it is now full of holes, but I haven’t dared put on the shoes. The funny thing is, about 15 years ago I got a sharpie and crossed out the Calvin Klein logo. Now I want it back – haha! Esprit, Guess, Tommy Hillfiger, etc. all have a nostalgia feel to them that when I see the logo takes me back to another lifetime.

I really need some need fall clothes — jeans, sweaters, boots, etc. I need it all or I guess I should say I want it all. So spending some time on Amazon I picked out a few tops that I like and some of the prices are like way cheap. I wonder if they are too good to be true? I guess I will find out.

  1. Open front knit cardigan. I have one similar to this in navy and it’s my favorite! I could wear these everyday. I love the pockets and the long length. It comes in seven different colors and for this price I want them all.

2. Ruffle Tee. So this is a penny with $9.99 shipping. What?

3. Open sleeve blouse. I’ve been looking for a shirt like this, but I need the shoulders covered so this one looks perfect. The thing is it only costs .78 — how weird is that? It says it’s from China so maybe that’s why.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Shirt

You’ve probably seen all the darling Valentine’s shirts online and in local boutiques, but they can be pretty pricey. So Joan and I did a little DIY for Wasatch View (video below) and then later on I made another one to put on here. They were so fun and easy to make. You can do them for yourself or the kids with different words or shapes.

XOXO Sweatshirt

I got this grey sweatshirt from WalMart in the men’s department for $6.

I got this white glittery iron-on transfer sheet from Michaels. It was on clearance for $2. If it’s not on clearance you can always use the 40% off coupons that are online.

So I just printed out the X and O on regular copy paper and then traced it onto the transfer paper. Next I cut the letters out of the transfer paper and put them where I wanted them on the sweatshirt. Next I got an old thin t-shirt to put over the letters, then I ironed over it with the iron on high.

And that’s it! It was that easy and the entire project cost me $8. You can’t tell but the letters have a little sparkle too them. You could use plain transfer paper or the glitter kind also comes in other colors.

I had some left over transfer paper so I decided to add a little heart to a shirt I’ve had in my closet for years. I think I’m ready for Valentine’s Day! Be sure to watch the video below for more ideas.

YouTube Preview Image
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Top 5 places to eat/shop in St. George

One of my favorite places to visit in this beautiful state that we live in is St. George. In fact, if I could move there I would. It’s always warm, the houses are beautiful and there is so much to do.

A couple of weeks ago I headed south to the St. George Parade of Homes. It has been a tradition for about 10 years and is something I look forward to every February.

Part of that tradition is going to eat at our favorite places and shopping at our favorite stores. If these places ever went out of business Cyd and I would be so sad!

Here is the list — if you are in town be sure to stop by and support these places:

  1. Tiki Island Broiler – 144 W Brigham Rd. Ste. 14
  2. Ichiban Sushi & Seafood Buffet – 969 N 3050 E
  3. The D.I in St. George has such a fun collection of treasures.
  4. This T.J. Maxx has the BEST clothes, shoes, furniture and more.
  5.  Last but not least, Fabulous Freddies. Yes I’m talking about a gas station. This gas station has styrofoam cups and yummy pebble ice.

Where is your favorite place to eat/shop in Southern Utah?

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Thinking Spring

It’s mid-January. Snow is on the ground. It’s 30 degrees out. And I’m thinking about SPRING! I love the snow during the holidays, but once January hits I’m ready for sunshine, shorts and trips to the park.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.33.40 AMSo today, I’m flipping through the new Nordstrom catalog and reminding myself that warm weather is just around the corner.

I’m sharing a few of my favorites that I’m adding to my wish list…

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.34.30 AM

I love everything about this dress! It really could be worn in any season. The color is the perfect shade of blue. The length is right where it needs to be. I love the pleats and belt. This would be perfect for an upcoming company dinner. Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.34.16 AM

Which dress is your favorite? I adore the two middle dresses. So, so cute!


Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.34.57 AM

I’ll add all four of these shoes to my list!




I need these blue shoes! Love the color blue — in every shade! Pair these with some jeans and a dressy shirt and you are set.

Screen shot 2016-01-12 at 9.35.12 AM

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at SPRING! Just remember it will be here before we know it!

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