Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always such a fun day spent with the family. The boys woke up and went over to the church to play some basketball while I stayed home and got everything ready for the day of baking. We made sugar cookies, chex mix, muddy buddies, pretzel rolos, oreo balls and fudge. The sad thing was that it was disappearing faster than we were making it. We had a house full of boys with hungry tummys.

The most popular treat was the pretzel rolos. They are so yummy and simple to eat. You just get a bag of square pretzels, oreos and m&m’s. Put the pretzels on a cookies sheet and add a rolo on top of the pretzel. Put in the oven at 250 degrees for about 3 minutes. Take out of oven and push a m&m into the rolo, or just add another pretzel to the top.

After the baking was done we all opened our traditional Christmas jammies from Grandma Taryn. Us girls had a fun little photo shoot in our pj’s, then we headed up to Perry to get lunch from the Maddox take-out cabin.

Baby Titan wanted to be part of the photo shoot too. Isn’t he the cutest? He loved the Christmas lights.

When bedtime came around the kids were so excited they could barely even standard it, but lucky for us parents they went to bed at a reasonable time. Cam and Cy are at such a fun stage for Christmas. They left Santa a note and some cookies and milk.


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Gosh! I just spent the last hour on my old blog. The blog I started way back when, that I haven’t updated or visited since 2012. It made me sad. I use to take so many pictures and document everything. I’m not sure why I stopped, but I sure wish that I hadn’t. I think maybe because of Instagram, which I love I just don’t feel like it is the same looking back.

The picture below is the main pic on my old blog. All of my boys are looking at the camera and smiling. This was 2013. They are all so cute and little!

So, with the holidays here and a new year just around the corner, I’m making it a goal to start documenting the daily adventures that happen in this crazy house of mine. I just can’t believe how much has changed in four years. It was fun to relive it and read the funny and sad stories.

Here is the link to my old blog if you want to check it out:

And come back here tomorrow for a look at how our Christmas Eve was spent.




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The Drive-In

I took the boys to the drive-in last week. We went to Motor-Vu Drive-In that I’m pretty sure is older than me. We showed up after the movie had started, in Ty’s truck that doesn’t have great power steering. So imagine me trying to park, while everyone else was trying to watch a movie. EEEK! Lets just say my kids were a little embarrassed. So there were a few things I wish I would’ve know or even thought about before just showing up. So I’ve put together this post in case your headed to the drive-in soon.

Tip #1: Get there early
We went during the week so it wasn’t very busy, but showing up after the movie started made it hard to find a good spot with a good view.

Tip #2: Take cash
They only accept cash. No checks or cards so make sure you take plenty of cash to get in and buy snacks.

Tip #3: Snacks
Speaking of snacks, take your own. Just like every other theater the snack bar is over priced. So save some money by bringing your own treats and drinks.

Tip #4: Take a radio
Like I said this place has been around forever but for some reason I thought there would be a bluetooth connection to listen to the movie. I was wrong. I had to walk over to the entrance to ask if there was another way to listen other than the car FM radio. Nope. They suggested bringing my own radio, which I would recommend since it was hard to hear with just the truck stereo. I was worried about the battery dying but if you turn the key toward you it won’t die and if it does they can give you a jump. Yay!

Tip #5: Seating
We put the Love Sac in the back of the truck, took blankets and also chairs that the kids could sit on if they did not want to sit in the back of the truck. I also saw people with air mattresses just laying on the ground.

Tip #6: Movie choice
The nice thing about the drive-in is you get to see two movies for less money than you’d pay for one movie at a traditional theater. Since you can’t screen hop I would suggest choosing a double feature for the first movie and then an adult movie for the second and hope the kids fall asleep.

Have fun!

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Run Away


Out of all six of my boys I have only had one that has ever wanted to run away. However, he never made it far. I’d find him and his backpack in the garage, on the side of the house or eventually he’d just come back home. This same child would also tell me that he wanted to live with me forever and as he has gotten older he talks about the day he will move out.

Being a parent is seriously one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs ever. I recently was reading a book I just happened to pick up. I don’t even know the name of the book or who the author is but I happened to come across the above paragraph that I had to snap a picture of with my phone.

I guess the paragraph really hit me as that is how I want my boys to always feel about me and about home. Maybe not to that extend where they are getting homesick at school, but I just want them to always want to run away from the world to our home, that they know I will always be here and that this is a safe place for them.

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Celebrating LOVE everyday

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s cold and snowy and half of my family is in sunny St. George for baseball.

Our first Valentine’s together Mac said to me, “Why do we need a day to celebrate love, we should celebrate love everyday!”

19 1/4 years later and we’re still celebrating LOVE everyday! So tomorrow when today is over, remember to keep celebrating the ones you LOVE <3


fam pic snow bw


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About Me


My name is Angie. Welcome to my blog!

I am a wife. A mother to 6 amazing boys, ranging from ages 17 to 3. A journalist at the Standard Examiner and host on a lifestyle show called Northern Living on

My boys are my #1. When I am not busy keeping up with their school work, sports, etc. I enjoy writing, photography, fashion, graphic design, home decorating and shopping – which is exactly what you will see on this blog. A little bit of everything.

We sold our home last April and are currently looking to build or buy within the same neighborhood/community. It’s been an exciting journey so far and now we just need to make a decision on what to do.

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