The Instant Pot

Have you heard of the Instant Pot? Do you have one? It’s something I’ve been wanting to get but I have to admit it is a little intimidating to me. Plus, I am a really picky eater and weird about food and the thought of cooking meat in just minutes kind of freaks me out a little bit. I like my meat overcooked and crispy. Anyone with me on that? I know, I know… I’m kind of a weird one.

An Instant Pot looks kind of like a crock pot, the main difference is instead of taking all day to cook something, the Instant Pot speeds up cooking and uses 70% less energy. I have a friend that swears by her Instant Pot and uses it almost daily. She ones made this chicken with this Winger’s sauce (remember the restaurant Wingers?) and then she put it over a salad. It was so good!  When I asked her which brand she recommends, she said she uses the Instant Pot brand (affiliate link). That is the brand that I have been researching and watching for good deals on.

To be honest, I really don’t like to cook and if something like the Instant Pot could help simplify my life, it might be worth the investment of $50-100, depending on the features. For example, there is one that has Bluetooth and connects to your phone. There is lux series that comes in a mini or all the way up to an 8-quart. It has 12 smart built-in programs that allow you to make soups, meats, eggs, rice and even a cake, to name a few.  And all of that in a matter of minutes instead of all day.

So help me out, if you have an Instant Pot and you love it or hate it I want to know. I also need some tips and recipes so please share those with me too. And if I end up getting one I’ll post what I think about it.

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