Fall Photo Shoot Locations

Fall is quickly passing us by and before we know it winter will be here. The month of October was full of fun fall photo shoots. I could not have asked for more perfect weather.  Now, I’m gearing up for the colder months, brrr. Everyone seems to want photos right before Christmas and I always feel bad when I can’t fit everyone in, there really needs to be five of me from Oct.-Dec. – haha! Anyway, today I’m sharing some of my favorite fall Northern Utah photo shoots.

Pineview Damn

I’ve always had a favorite spot at Pineview, but this year I found a new one that is free to use. I did a couple different sessions up here. The colors were gorgeous, however it was a little colder than it is in the valley.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

How to get there: I meet my clients at the Maverick in Ogden Valley. If the sun isn’t too bright or we have plenty of time, I like to do some in the field to the north of the gas station. Then we take a right out of the north entrance, through the stop sign and follow the road around. When you pass the little town square with Carlos and Harley’s continue on the same road but before the road takes a sharp left keep going straight on the dirt road.

Rainbow Gardens

This is a gorgeous spot for fall pictures. There are weeds, trees and it really looks like you are up in the mountains without having really being in the mountains.


This year was my first time doing fall pics in Mantua and I loved it. There is the lake with a dock and then just down the road are the gorgeous fall colors.

Riverdale Trailhead

This spot is off of Parker Drive in Riverdale. It is located at the trailhead. There are a lot of trees, a bridge, fallen trees to sit on and even some tunnels that help mix it up again.

Bird Refuge

The bird refuge in west Layton is a great spot also.

Antelope Island

This is probably my favorite spot year round but in the fall it is bug free which makes for a much better experience.




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