Fall Fashion

It’s so weird to me that every single item of clothing I wore in high school is now back in style. Glad I saved two things — a denim Calvin Klein jean jacket and a pair of Doc Martens. I’ve been wearing the jean jacket forever, in fact it is now full of holes, but I haven’t dared put on the shoes. The funny thing is, about 15 years ago I got a sharpie and crossed out the Calvin Klein logo. Now I want it back – haha! Esprit, Guess, Tommy Hillfiger, etc. all have a nostalgia feel to them that when I see the logo takes me back to another lifetime.

I really need some need fall clothes — jeans, sweaters, boots, etc. I need it all or I guess I should say I want it all. So spending some time on Amazon I picked out a few tops that I like and some of the prices are like way cheap. I wonder if they are too good to be true? I guess I will find out.

  1. Open front knit cardigan. I have one similar to this in navy and it’s my favorite! I could wear these everyday. I love the pockets and the long length. It comes in seven different colors and for this price I want them all.

2. Ruffle Tee. So this is a penny with $9.99 shipping. What?

3. Open sleeve blouse. I’ve been looking for a shirt like this, but I need the shoulders covered so this one looks perfect. The thing is it only costs .78 — how weird is that? It says it’s from China so maybe that’s why.

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Homecoming Photo Shoot

Sometimes I have really big plans to do something really great and it ends up not going as planned, but still pretty good. This was the case with this year’s homecoming pictures. This was such a fun group, probs because it’s my son Nic and his friends. They were hilarious since none of them have their drivers license or have been on a date before (sorry girls). They showed up for pictures at 6:25 and their dinner reservation was for 6:30. So instead of the 30-45 minutes shoot I was planning on we got it done in 10-15 minutes.

We did the shoot in downtown Ogden, just off of 25th Street. The textured brick wall was the perfect spot for the look I was going for. Their dinner reservations were at the Union Grill which is located in the same parking lot so it worked out well.

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