If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious snack this one is sure to hit the spot. It looks like sushi but is made with a wheat tortilla, almond butter and fruit, making it frushi. I recently wrote a couple articles for the Standard-Examiner’s Health & Wellness magazine. Thank goodness I know a few people that were more than willing to help out. Stacy Springer who owns Einstein’s Kitchen invited Joan and I over to her amazing home and made a healthy snack and a healthy meal. I photographed the steps as she prepared the food. Then we ate it all gone. It was so good. I wish I had her mad cooking skills. I really need to take one of her cooking classes because she is amazing. She even sent me home with a sushi roll for the kids, but do you think it made it home? Ooops!

Anyway, this is Stacy’s amazing recipe. I’ve been making this for lunch and for an afternoon snack. It’s nice to have something already made and on hand when we’re feeling hungry.



4 whole wheat tortillas

4 bananas

2 Granny Smith apples, thinly sliced, sticks

4 tablespoons maple almond nut butter

4 strawberries

1/4 cup Pomegranate arils.


Lay down four pieces of tortilla. On each tortilla spread out almond butter, put peeled banana in the center, place apple sticks on either side of banana. On top of the banana place sliced strawberries, then roll up as tightly as possible. Before wrapping the edge, place a little more almond butter to help keep the roll together. Slice into 1-inch sections and top with pomegranate arils.


Frushi.3 Frushi.5


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