Our New Home

I have always had a love for houses for as long as I can remember.

When I first got my driver’s license I would drive around just to look at houses and yes I still do that.

When we were first married we lived in an older Ogden neighborhood and I would walk around just to look at the houses. Sometimes I would go right when it was getting dark so the lights would be on and the blinds would be open and I could get a sneak peep of the interior. Don’t worry I wasn’t checking out the people, just the home.

I always wanted to buy one of those gorgeous mansions on Jefferson Avenue and remodel it, yet I knew that would never happen.

When we had our house up for sale I was visiting a lady who lives at one of my favorite houses in North Ogden. I told her if she ever wants to sell her home to let me know.

Fast forward a few months. We got an offer on our house and the next day that lady told me they wanted to sell there house. This was totally meant to be, right? Well, not really.

She took me through the home. I absolutely loved the character, the exterior, the yard and the plan. It’s what I always wanted. The plan was perfect for us. The problem was the home needed some updating, however it was in immaculate condition. At the time the price of the home and the cost for the remodel was more than we were willing to spend so we went back to the original plan of building.

Long story short every time we did something that had to do with building this home kept popping up in my mind. It just felt like it’s where we needed to be. So finally in November 2015 we submitted a really low offer — so low we were worried they would never speak to us again. They said NO! And we waited and waited somehow knowing that everything would work out yet wondered why if something is meant to be why is it so hard to make it happen.

Finally about 4 months later we got a call from their realtor telling us they were willing to go down on the price. We were so excited! Two months later we closed on the house and have been here for a month.

We absolutely love it. We have a lot of work ahead of us and once we get the remodel done we will love it even more.

I will be posting some before and after pictures on the blog because Mac and I seem to think we are Chip and JoJo – haha!



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