Flowers Everywhere

One thing that I absolutely love about our new house is the landscaping. It is gorgeous! The previous owners knew what they were doing when they did this yard. Every week a new flower pops up. I would never do rose bushes but I now have five of them and love them. They are in the perfect spot and barely starting to bloom. I just wish the flowers would stay in bloom forever.

Here’s a look at what’s blooming this week.

IMG_4101 IMG_4105 IMG_4104 IMG_4103 IMG_4109 IMG_4106 IMG_4108

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Chinese Chicken Salad


I’m not much of a cook, but there are a few things I make that friends and family request I bring to get togethers, including this salad recipe. It’s one of the best and I have been making it for years.

Chinese Chicken Salad


1 head of green cabbage

1 head of purple cabbage

1 can of cashews

Worcester sauce

3-4 chicken breasts

Wonton strips

Litehouse sesame ginger salad dressing

Sesame seeds

Step 1:

Marinate chicken in worcester sauce for about an hour. Bake in oven at 375 degrees for about an hour. Remove from over and shred into larger pieces ones cooled.

Step 2:

Chop up cabbage and put into bowl.

Step 3:

Pour cashews into small sauce pan. Cover with worcester sauce and simmer on low for about 20 minutes. Let cool.

Step 4:

Add chicken and cashews to cabbage. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Step 5:

I do not add the salad dressing or wontons to the salad directly. It gets soggy too fast. I add both to theĀ individual servings. That way if there are leftovers it doesn’t get soggy.


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