How to make a hanging gutter planter

I stopped by the free Do-it-HERself workshop at Home Depot last week, they were showing how to make a hanging gutter planter. The workshops are free, you just have to purchase the materials if you want to build one yourself. This one cost around $40.

{photo and instructions: Home Depot}


Here are the instructions and there is video below:


1-10 ft. White traditional vinyl gutter

3 sets – White vinyl K-style end cap set (2-pack)

20 – 1/4 in x 1 ft. White braided nylon and polyester rope.

1 pk – 1/4 in. x 2 in. Zinc plated rope S hook

2 – 3 3/4 in. Steel screw-in plant hook

Spray paint

Step 1: Measure and mark (3) 30″ sections from the gutter and the 10 ft sections from the rope.

Step 2: Cut (3) 30 in. from the gutter using a jigsaw. Then cut (2) 10 ft sections of the rope with heavy duty scissors.

Step 3: Spray paint the gutter. (optional)

Step 4: Turn all gutters upside down. Measure and mark 3 in. from the short side and 1/2 in. from the long side on all 4 corners of all 3 gutter sections.

Turn all gutters right side up. Measure and mark 3 in. in from the short side and 1/2 in. from the long side on all 4 corners of all 3 gutter sections.

Step 5: Using a 3/8 in. drill bit and drill, drill holes where the marks were made. Add tiny holes on the bottom to allow for drainage.

Step 6: Tie a knot at one end of the rope. Thread the unknotted end of the rope through one of the holes in the bottom of the left gutter section and out the hole on the side. Repeat on the other 2 gutter sections.

Step 7: Place all end caps on the ends of the gutter sections.

Step 8: Secure plant hooks into a beam or support where you intend to hang your garden. Loop the 2 S hooks on each side of the top ropes and hook the S hooks to the installed plant hooks.


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The Blossoms have Bloomed at the Capitol

Oh my heck! If you are in SLC this week be sure to take along your camera and stop by the Capitol. The trees there have blossomed and they are gorgeous. I was there this past weekend doing senior pictures and was so mad I didn’t take my entire family down for a quick photo shoot. I’m hoping we can make it down there this weekend and that the blossoms will still be there.

A couple things: we went down on Sunday afternoon right after conference and it was so busy. Everyone was trying to take pictures. We noticed the west side was a lot less crowded then the east side. The building is open seven days a week so maybe go inside and take a little tour, it’s pretty cool inside there. Also, just a little photo tip, we were in the only shady spot and my photos were turning out a little dark so I put my external flash on and it made a huge difference.

Here is one photo of Karlee that I took on the east side:


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